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I’ve been obsessed with finding the perfect Instagram formula for several weeks now .

The algorithm has changed over time – and in fact it continues to do so – which makes growth on buy custom instagram comments the best kept secret on the internet.

Whoever says he perfectly understands how the algorithm works, lies blatantly.

However, it is true that there is nothing like trial and error and testing different strategies to find that desired magic button that triggers our reach.

Among all the doubts that the algorithm can raise, there is something that we all already have quite clear: engagement during the first hour of publication is key.

In my opinion, we cannot predict how the algorithm will react at all times, but we can control some variables:

The quality of our images.
The frequency of posting.
The interaction with our followers.
The captions (or footers).
As you may have guessed, today we come to talk about this last variable. And if I’m completely sure about Instagram, it’s that the caption, copy, footer (or whatever you want to call it) is the most important element (along with the quality of the photo itself) to get more comments and engagement.

Do you want proof? Take tests!

A few months ago, when I hardly paid attention to my captions, I had an average of between 20 and 30 comments per post. Now, since I am implementing these strategies, my posts have an average of between 150 and 250 comments. Wonderful, right?

Why taking care of our captions is so important:

If I still have not convinced you at all to start implementing strategies in your captions and to be able to generate much more engagement, here are some more compelling reasons:

The more engagement, the more impact:

In the post on how to use the hashatgs to multiply our reach I already commented on how important the Instagram funnel is. The more impressions, the more engagement, and the more engagement, the more followers.

In addition, engagement also generates more impressions, which in turn creates a kind of snowball that feeds on itself.


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